For 15 years Max has helped our clients significantly improve their communication and human connection skills. As a result, they acquire more and better clients, manage difficult situations with employees and co-workers better, and live happier and healthier lives.

Bill Bachrach
CEO, Bachrach & Associates, Inc.



Max Dixon is a superb teacher and coach for any professional who need to take their performance to the next level.
Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE, Past President of the National Speakers Association

Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE
Keynote Speaker, Executive Speech Coach
Sales Presentation Skills Trainer



Dear Max:

Enclosed is my check for 4 days of the best value I have received in my speaking career thus far. Our one-on-one work together exceeded my expectations, which were high to begin with.

For over a year I have wanted to hire you to watch me make several presentations three days in a row so we could debrief each one, I could implement your ideas immediately, and then repeat the process at least twice more. I suspected this approach would produce great results and it did! Thank you!

One of the most powerful outcomes was how you influenced the way I experience my audience which is clearly positively influencing how they experience me. I can see it in their expression, I can hear it in their responses, and I can feel it every moment we are together.

The results are measurable. They buy more product at the back of the room, I get more on the spot requests to hire me for future engagements, and we get more referrals.  Most importantly to me personally is how much more I am enjoying myself while I present.

I have organized your notes so I can easily review them before every speech which helps me continue to implement more and more of your wisdom.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank you for helping the many people I have referred to you. Virtually all of them have had wonderful comments about the benefits of hiring you for one-on-one coaching. The same is true for the top-producers who attend our Trusted Advisor Coach program. I can see your positive influence on their video tapes and their improved results with their clients are clearly impacted by their experience with you.

Thanks again for being a great coach, Max!

Warm regards,

Bill Bachrach, CSP, CPAE
President, Bachrach & Associates


When I want to become more persuasive or more eloquent, Max Dixon is the man whose advice I seek. He can make you more effective. He is a brilliant, insightful communication coach! Max brings Wisdom along with skill to speech coaching. Contact him today!

Jim Cathcart, CSP, CPAE
CEO, Cathcart Institute, Inc.

Author, Relationship Selling


Dear Max:

Thought you would like to know that your coaching just paid for itself several times over! Your near “real-time” work with me during my recent 5-city tour made such an impact on the hosts that they immediately booked me for a 6th city–something I’m sure would not have happened without your help.

Just wanted to take a moment to say an enormous “Thank You!” for all of your insight, coaching and encouragement and for being who you are. Your influence on my work, both delivery and content, has allowed me to move from a stubborn plateau to reach the next heights of what I am truly capable of in my speaking career.

I look forward to your continuing mentorship.

Yours truly,

Michael J. Russer
RUSSER Communications


Dear Max:

It is a challenge to express in a letter the impact your workshop has had on my professional presentations. I appreciate the methods you used in working with us, and I am delighted with the results.

As you know, the type of programs I present are high-content and fairly serious for those attending. As a result of your efforts, I have been able to change or improve some of the habits I have or techniques that I use that do not aid in getting my message across.

During a program, I now have a greater awareness of and ability to control such factors as the pitch and speed of my voice. I have increased the comfort and extended the range of my gestures. I stay with my audience a bit longer when making a point, allowing them to take the time to absorb the message.

The result is a very noticeable increase in the energy and enthusiasm in the room. That increase translates directly into a greater ability on the part of my audience to absorb and make use of the information I present.

While the results are well worth the time and money invested, I am equally impressed with the methods that you employ. You have a way of leading us through a very effective process of self-discovery. It was often clear after you got a result you were looking for that you had seen the problem from the beginning.

Another area in which your method is impressive is the way that you help us improve without making us feel self-conscious or embarrassed about what we were doing before. In working with people for whom communication is so central to our work, such a non-threatening approach is essential.

The bottom line, Max, is that you are my ally on the platform. You have assisted me very directly in my mission to make an impact on the business of those who attend my programs. In that way, you have made a major impact on my business. I am looking forward to further work with you! Thank you…

Linda Gabbert Keith


Hello Max:

This is a long overdue thank you for your tremendous job you did for us in the spring at the International Methodology Update. Much of it stuck with me and I have implemented techniques in seminar delivery and speeches. The most recent speech was to the Portland Chapter of the project Management Institute last Tuesday to over 100 people. It was the annual kickoff and well-received, with sustained applause.

It was very interesting to see how much you could provide to us in three hours, at the same time giving us visibility of how much more you could provide if you had more time. The end-of-day comments were the capstone, magnificent! It all came together for me in those moments. Your comments to the seminar leaders were so necessary, to both experienced people, but so much more for those who were going through certification. If, in the future, you want to use me as a reference, please do so. I’ll be happy to raise the confidence of the people who are looking to book you.

Warm regards,

John R. Patton
President/CEO, Cadence Management Corp.


I recently spent a full day with Max in his studio – my only regret is that I did not do it 15 years ago. I left the session with over 90 different ideas and strategies. If you are looking to take your delivery to the next level, then Max Dixon is your man.

Also, Max’s coaching was immensely valuable in preparation for my PBS special.

Every presenter should experience Max’s unique style and powerful techniques. His keen insight of the subtleties of presenting and his ability to teach are remarkable.

Greg Bell
Water the Bamboo


As a trial lawyer, international educator and Fortune 50 manager, I have had access to the best talent in the world of professional communication. I can say, without hesitation. No one knows more than Max about persuasion and how, practically, to make it memorable.

Max is breathtakingly, preternaturally gifted. More critically, he never stops refining his powers as a gentle coach. He’s spent decades (and much money) studying with scientists, psychologists and all kinds of performers, absorbing, distilling and discovering how to apply their secrets. He can improve anyone.

I would fear only a very few — if they were to appear across a courtroom aisle from me: Lincoln, Gerry Spence, Gene Hackman — and Max. He’s that good.

John Rapp, M.A., J.D.


Max Dixon

You are absolutely amazing!

Just a couple of minutes with a speaker, and they are transformed into a live, natural, warm personality.

My best,

Ross Sussman
Attorney at Law


Good morning Max,

As you know, I’ve enjoyed incredible success in my career as a speaker and, as you also know, I was pretty good when we first met.

It was you, however, that took me from pretty good to the level at which I was able to triple my speaking fees, earn the most prestigious award in professional speaking – the CPAE, and become respected by my peers as someone who truly understands the difference between good and great.

Max, you’ve shown me how to take my message and deliver it in such ways that audiences don’t just appreciate it but actually use it and reuse it in their daily lives. You’ve helped me become more satisfied with my work and, as a result, do even a better job for the people who hire me. I will continue to be your student and just as importantly continue to be your friend.

Continued success,

W. Mitchell, CPAE


I came into the speaking arena with what many people said were priceless stories from racing the Ironman triathlon in Hawaii. They had all the elements of an inspiring presentation:  years of defeat followed by eventual victory, the necessity of change and facing tough truths, the importance of outlasting challenges on the road to personal triumph.

But the response I was getting from audiences was far from enthusiastic.  That was until Max helped me craft the wording to bring out the gems hidden within my journey in world class athletics.  Max also helped me become aware of how my physical presence and actions on stage could be transformed from distracting to engaging.  Max saw the subtle that will either make or break a speaker’s career and help me craft a keynote worthy of my athletic accomplishments.

Mark Allen
6-Time Ironman Triathlon World Champion


Hi Max,

Without a shadow of a doubt Max has been one of the greatest influences on my professional life. I hear his poetic language and lyrical phrases in my head whenever I am speaking, coaching or training. He has taught me to speak from the heart with “single, simple, doable things” to reach deep into the soul of my audience.

Lynne Marks
President, London Image Institute


Thanks, Max, for giving me the courage to be me.

Trisha Yearwood


Dear Max,

Thanks for the time you were able to spend with me in honing my speaking skills.

Due in large part to your efforts, the convention speech in Hawaii went very well. Testimony to the success of your efforts was the comment of my mother — who was there and who knows me well…. After the speech, she said, “that consultant worked with you on your gestures, didn’t he?”

Having had over fifteen years of public speaking experience, it was remarkable to me that our two, two-hour sessions could have made such a difference. The big bugaboo for me has always been gestures. Your analysis, insight, and helpful guidance have given me lasting, useful knowledge about hand gesture techniques and methods.

Also, Max, I greatly appreciate your help with handling humor. I had always felt very self-conscious about telling jokes, particularly in the context of a speech before a large audience. Based on your guidance of matter of factly relating a story and not “trying” to be funny, I developed several incidents, all of which were well received by the audience and resulted in sincere, comfortable laughter. As a consequence, my confidence in the audience grew as did their confidence in me. In short, my effort at humor had the desired effect and was instrumental in establishing “ethos,” as I think you would describe it.

I genuinely appreciate your help and look forward to working with you again.


Sten Crissey
President, Crissey Flowers & Gifts


Dear Max:

I want to let you know that I used your tips and techniques and each was a huge success! Thank you so much for your advice and expertise. I am seeing and feeling quite a difference.

Marjorie Brody, CSP, PCC, CPAE
Brody Professional Development


Dear Max,

Depth Perception exceeded my expectations! The course was extremely generous with Max’s expert guidance and wealth of resources for my writing and speaking. My intention was to get his help designing a new signature speech. What I got was way more. I have been applying what I learned to every aspect of my work, including marketing materials, training curriculum development, my blog, articles, as well as my public speaking.

Fran Fisher
Master Certified Coach


Max, Your weekend retreat was energizing. You moved us beyond delivery style and performance to examining the roles we’ve played in life and the stories that accompany the roles. After examining each story from every angle, you had us extract the wisdom which is the single, simple, doable thing that transforms lives. Extraordinary!

Cindy Kubica
The Energy Coach



Here are some TRUTHS you can use:

In every single one of my keynotes, I utilize skills that I’ve developed from Max Dixon’s workshops and coaching. He flat-out helped me take my speaking to a deeper level.


Carol Grace Anderson
Anderson Programs, Inc.


Dear Max,

Wow! A speechless speaker is obviously a rare occurrence. Your knowledge, skill and overall expertise leave me in silent awe as I grope for words to adequately express my appreciation and admiration.

The vital yet hard to find information you shared is exciting and profound. Your non-threatening, supportive style makes risk-taking easy and natural, therefore, growth and insight develop more naturally and almost automatically.

Your training and consultation are a joy to experience and a treasure to anyone fortunate enough to be a participant. I’m thrilled with what I’ve gained and eager to continue applying your many tips, techniques and suggestions. I look forward to keeping in touch and to the pleasure of the next training experience.

With appreciation and admiration,

Marilyn Schoeman
Founder, Trinadigm

Author, GO! How to Think, Speak and Act to Make Good Things Happen


Re: Your Fantastic Coaching Services


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I wanted to let you know how delighted I am with the results of your one-on-one coaching sessions. I applied your specific, do-able suggestions to the two paid speaking engagements I delivered this week. The results was a DRAMATIC IMPROVEMENT in the impact I had with the audience members.

What makes this so exciting, Max, is that I think I was already a pretty decent speaker before I decided to engage your services. I’ve been a full time professional speaker for over 7 years. I’ve worked diligently on the craft of speaking since day one. So, while I thought that you might be able to slightly improve my platform skills, I had no idea that your coaching services could have such a huge impact.

Not only were the evaluation scores and comments better, but I had more people coming-up after the session requesting that I speak for their organizations. From that perspective alone, the investment I made in your coaching services is paying off in spades!

As national President of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, and a boardmember of the International Federation for Professional Speakers (of which NSA is a member), I’ve had the opportunity to review numerous speaking coaches over the years. I chose you to be my personal coach, Max, because you had already earned a reputation as one of the finest speaking coaches in the business. The results that you created for me this week are proof positive that live up to highly respected reputation. Thank you again for giving my speaking business such a wonderful boost!


Jeff Mowatt
President, J.C. Mowatt Seminars, Inc.



I can’t thank you enough for the time you spent grooming me for success! I thank you, and I’m sure Cosmo thanks you for taking my performance up a notch at their International Editorial Conference!

It’s all about being in the moment the entire time on stage and intense preparation and practice is what allows for that. Without preparing to pause and knowing what truth you want to convey in advance, it is practically impossible to be as good!

Working with you reminds me of a story I recently heard about Laurence Olivier. After giving one of the best performances of his life, Olivier’s friend went back stage to congratulate him and found him in a rage tearing apart his dressing room screaming. His friend asked, “What’s wrong? You were brilliant. That was one of your best performances ever!” Olivier replied, “I know. That’s why I’m so upset. I don’t know how I did it.”

Well, the good news for me is that because of you, your wise words and endless patience, I DO know how I did it. I did it by thinking through everything I wanted to say in advance and making sure it was said the best way it could. In addition you helped me to think about my audience and how to relate to them as much as possible by carefully selecting the most meaningful and relevant words, gestures, expressions and pauses.

And what helped the most, was you taking the time to practice my delivery over the phone, both of us testing each and every word for validity, thinking of my audience and determining what they seemed to need to hear. Crafting and re-crafting the message so they could believe it. Speaking not just to their minds, which is easy – but not lasting, but speaking to their hearts as well. And as you so eloquently said, “If you’re going to say it, make it of value or there is no value in saying it!” So true, so true! Once again thank you, thank you! You are the absolute best when it comes to coaching speakers to live their aspirations, as well as a lot of fun to work with and know!

Best always,

Joy Baldridge
Founder/President, Baldridge Seminars International


Dear Max,

You are the consummate professional! It has now been nine months since you attended our chapter meeting and presented “Potency on the Platform…Take Your Body With You” and our members are still talking about it. I don’t recall anyone having the lasting impact you have had.

Your clear and enjoyable style makes learning platform techniques and the effects of body movements and stage positioning a fun and educational experience. Members have told me that what they learned from you at that meeting made a significant impact on their income. I know it has been extremely beneficial to me personally.

The reason this letter took so long to write is because programs like the one you delivered are like fine wine. They get better with age. Although your program overwhelmed everyone at the time, the true test of its value came when months later our members were still talking about it. No professional speaker or anyone else who works from the platform will ever realize their full potential until they have the opportunity to work with Max Dixon.

Please accept this belated “Thank You” for one of the best programs ever delivered at a Carolinas Speakers Association meeting.

Best regards,

Mike Summey
President, Carolinas Speakers Assoc. - National Speakers Assoc.


Hello Max,

I cannot express adequately how much we loved your visit here, your coaching, your presentation, your excellence. In my opinion you offered us the finest program we ever had. The folks truly learned a lot and shared my enthusiasm. I’m so glad you had a great experience in Las Vegas. You make everyone feel like we are your friend.

Warmest regards (and a hug), Anita

Anita Paul
National Speakers Assoc., Las Vegas Chapter


Saturday, with Max Dixon, was my favorite NSAT meeting that I have attended since joining. Max is phenomenal. He shared so much information that we can instantly apply it to our speeches.

The proof of how impressive he is can be measured by the number of people that stuck around for the afternoon session. Forty-three people attended the morning session when he talked about potency on the platform. After lunch, more than THIRTY of us learned how to improve our storytelling skills. I don’t know of another time when so many NSAT members stayed for the afternoon.

Max left quite an impression on me and has inspired me to improve my speeches. If you learned something valuable just as I did then I suggest that you let Max know. Please send a thank you note to Max letting him know the impact that he has had on you and your speeches. You can email him at maxwdixon@gmail.com.

Our guest speakers do not get paid to help us with our careers. They take time out of their own life to travel to Nashville and speak to us. The best way we can pay them back is with a heartfelt thank you. Please send Max a message today!

Have an Amazing Day!

Jeffrey Rowe
President, Tennessee Chapter - National Speakers Assoc.


Dear Max,

You did more than simply improve my program – you improved the IMPACT and EFFECTIVENESS of my program. I talk about cancer coping strategies and you correctly pointed out that humor based on mock anger detracted from my love-based message. Couple that with making major points to “a face” and elimination of wandering around on the platform and I am now able to grab the hearts of my audience right out of the gate. They are better for it, and so am I: thank you!

David Balch
Author, The Patient/Partner Project


Dear Max:

It was good to see you again! I just want to reiterate what I told the audience at the Northwest Speakers Association meeting about you. That you are an enormously talented speech coach.

I have benefited greatly from having you coach me and I strongly recommend your services to any other speaker. Whether they are a businessperson who is trying to improve their presentation skills, or a professional speaker just starting in the business, or an old timer like me, their presentation skills will soar.

As I would tell anybody, you don’t cost money, you make money for your clients. Feel free to use my name as an endorsement of your services.

Warmest best wishes:

Roger Dawson
Power Negotiating Institute


Good Morning Max,

You do NOT charge anywhere near enough money for what you do!
Imagine this scene.
You have over twenty years in the speaking industry. You train speakers. You train trainers. You are considered to be an expert in your field. One of the few who is truly competent. You’ve gotten your share of standing ovations and spontaneous accolades and referrals. YOU ARE GOOD!
Then one day you volunteer to demonstrate how quickly someone who is already good can get even better. You walk to the front and manage to get out two or three sentences before you are stopped. The coach takes you aside. He suggests that you do just one “single, simple, doable thing.” The conversation takes less than one minute to complete. You walk back to the front. You begin the very same talk. You incorporate this seemingly simple technique. And the audience responds amazingly different. Later in the review you hear them tell you how much more present you are, how much warmer you are, how much easier it is to listen to you. Your confidence surges.
The coach asks if you’d like another idea. At this point very little could happen that would keep you from pursuing these incredibly powerful ways to communicate more positively and predictably. This is beyond anything that is taught in Colleges and Universities. This is better than any seminar on how to conduct seminars. This is the REAL stuff. This is the distilled nectar that only experience can know.

Well, I was that speaker. And you are that coach.
Max, you are the best I’ve ever seen.
Before I started working with you I didn’t think there was very much more to learn about how to touch and move an audience. Now I know that I’ve just scratched the surface of what is possible. I am more excited now than I’ve been since I first got into the speaking business back in 1979.
I think the biggest benefit I’ve gotten from you is an increased excitement at recognizing and knowing that my messages are being understood better by the people who hear them. I’m even understanding my messages better.
As an example, I conducted a three day Presentations Training in San Diego this past March. By the end of the second day I mentioned that I had two audio cassette programs and a couple of training manuals that they could buy if they were interested. Before I finished my 90 SECOND explanation of what was available, the most powerful and senior participant took out his credit card and tossed it to me. I took a 10 minute break for anyone who was interested. There was a surge to the front of the room (where the products were.) Credit cards were flying everywhere. I’m sure you have heard of “feeding frenzys.” Well, this was a “BUYING frenzy.” We closed 91.7% of the room.
I made more money for myself in just ten minutes than it cost me for all of the training I’ve done with you. I would recommend that anyone who is even marginally serious about truly being good in the Speaking and Training Industry hire you to be their coach. They should spend as much as they can to work with you for as long as possible. It definitely will be one of the single best investments they could ever make in their career.
One of the signs of greatness is leaving a legacy that lasts longer than you do. Your work with me has been immensely valuable. It has been valuable not just to me but also to the thousands of people I work with and the tens of thousands of people they work with.
You’re incredible. Thank-you for sharing your genius with me.


R. Douglas Carter
President, Carter International, Inc.


Dear Max,

This letter is a bit delayed, and for a reason. I wanted to have an opportunity to experience in the “real world” what we had worked on in our sessions together. Was I going to be able to successfully apply the information? And perhaps more importantly, would the techniques really make a difference in my performance?

The answer to both questions, and more, is a resounding, “Yes!”. The time I invested in having you work with me has resulted in a significant shift in my presentation style. I have had others work with me in the past. The difference between what they were able to do and what you did is simple. While they helped me to understand the various techniques at an intellectual level, you took me one critical step further. By the end of our last session, not only could I talk about the techniques, I could demonstrate them!

Perhaps the biggest impact you had was assisting me to discover, deep within myself, a source of power and strength that I never knew I possessed. In some of the martial arts, they talk about finding and coming from your “center”. It’s that part of ourselves that when tapped into, will transcend us beyond our self-imposed mental and physical barriers. Somehow, through the course of your teaching, for the first time in my career I experienced delivering from my center. I heard a voice coming from me that I had never heard before. It was a tremendous feeling of power and being totally in control of myself. In that moment, I felt I had the ability to touch and move any audience. It was a moment of personal victory and an incredible high!

Asking you to work with me was the most significant career decision I made this past year. You can bet that I will be calling on you again, and again. Thank you, Max! You are indeed, a master teacher.

With much appreciation … your student,

Vanna Novak
National Speaker/Seminar Leader


Dear Max,

I wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I appreciated the work we collaborated on a little over a year ago. The lessons and discoveries made continually surface and guide me to new heights as I communicate with my colleagues, customers and community constituents. Your coaching is superior and perhaps what I value the most is your ability to dig deep and help surface the important messages that reflect what is in the heart. I realize that those core messages are what people want and what they remember. Thank you again for your guidance and I look forward to working with you again.

Un abrazo,

Roberto Herencia
President, Banco Popular North America