Share Your Story

“Max, I think there might be something for you upstairs in your room,” says my dad. 

Two steps at a time to where I found, on the table by my bed, a brand new brown 1946 Philco table model radio!  It was the key to other worlds and exciting stories – beyond the “listening menu” of my parents.


I now perform the same function with my clients and the Philco is our minds, our imaginations and our courageous creativity.  Together we discover the powerful stories, illustrations and examples that will involve, inspire and influence our audiences of any size.  The story is the most crucial ingredient in high stakes communication.

What is the story of your corporation?  What is the Hero’s Journey of your new product?  What is the narrative of how your approach to project management meets challenges that would stymie your competitors?!  If you haven’t yet created that story, your true power is as yet searching for a way to be born.

With my Story Work Sheet and an astonishingly successful multi-level process, you will learn to discover, develop, deepen and deliver the stories that energize and enroll your listener(s).

Show through sharing your story and metaphor that you understand their story and they will rush to be a part of yours.