Articles by Max

  • Improve Your Voice, Improve Your Story

    After fifty-one years of coaching speakers, I’ve concluded that the most overlooked resource is the training and improvement of the speaking voice. Other aspects of the speaker’s presentation are of equal and sometimes more deserving of attention, but they are also usually more often a part of that speaker’s conscious program for development.

  • Increasing Audience Rapport

    One of the most important ingredients in a speaker for establishing him or herself as confident is also one of the most ignored in their self-development – the voice.

  • How to Establish Rapport with Any Size Audience

    Your home is the faces in your audience. In addition to laughter, the face will often be the dominant barometer of your successful connection with that audience.

  • Mastering the Magic of Stories, Part I

    Nothing, I repeat, nothing is too insignificant. If you recall it, it’s worth writing down.

  • Mastering the Magic of Stories, Part II

    Whether talking of characters or places, it’s the sensory language that elicits the feelings.

  • Mastering the Magic of Stories, Part III

    Find the action that reflects new wisdom, the smart move, or a plan of action. Uncover the double meaning that applies metaphorically to the audience. Use fully sensory language. Repeat key words as often as is appropriate. Work a call-back of the point of the story as a reminder into the last thirty seconds of your speech.

  • Ten Filters

    Ten thoughts for you to consider.

  • Silence is Golden