Deepen Your Message

Most of our clients have raised the standards for relevance and clarity in the guidance they expect from us as experts. We are speaking into a different world today.  Our local and our global cultures are giving us many new challenges and our clients want to see that we know that!

Why deepen our message?  Because it’s crucial that those we serve get survival content in what we bring them.  The learning brain needs visual, emotional and patterned input in order to function well, and, above all, these are the ingredients of meaning , a depth and significance.

I say the most basic elements of any sale are clarity, relevance and availability. 

“What are you talking about?”

“How does that relate to my survival?”

“How can I get it?”

My program, Depth Perception: Taking Your Message to Another Level, has been taking shape since 2004 and since 2008 has been a three-day retreat for two to four people. It is focused primarily on content, and includes gathering pre-site information and is followed by four months of coaching by phone.

I say (and this is my map) we must follow five avenues to arrive at the depth of any matter. 

  1. Beliefs
  2. Story and Metaphor
  3. Connections and Distinctions
  4. Words
  5. Maps – the structure and organization of our message.

This powerful program is also a process in becoming an elegant noticer,  a master of appreciation and a skilled designer of a plan of action with a sensory-based approach toward implementation!

If you are at all interested in hearing more details about this process, and perhaps co-creating this experience, I’ll be happy, joyous as a matter of fact, to describe it further.