How to Work with Max

We have several options for working together keeping in mind that working together “in person” is often the most productive.

Present Your Best

When we are focusing primarily on presentation skills, in person offers the greatest opportunity for fully responsive feed-back and observing all aspects and subtleties of communication.

  • If you are speaking in Seattle, I will arrange to attend your presentation. And though sometimes it helps to have a little time distance between presentation and receiving feed-back, I also find that giving suggestions while the presentation is clearly in your awareness helps us both to be talking about the same experience!
  • I sometimes travel to your destination of presentation.  It is great to be in casual conversation with the audience after you speak.
  • I have presented for all the National Speakers Association chapters and always include on-the-spot coaching during a program.  Frequently I stay for another day to hold a group coaching session for those who want to receive special attention.  I could also usually stay to give individual attention if you so desire.
  • Responding over the phone to a DVD or CD of a presentation has proven very effective, especially when it is with a client I have worked with before.
  • Wonderful results can come from spending a few days in a corporation sitting in on conversations between agents, sales people, etc. and giving feedback later.  Bill Nelson, a financial advisor in Ohio, remarked that they made $200,000 in the two weeks following my “sitting in” with their internal conversations that they would not have earned had I not been there.

Share Your Story

If our interest is primarily the content, structure and appropriateness of a story, we can do good work with CD, DVD or a transcript of the story.  Of course there is the presentation of the story that is crucial also, but if we are going to work together in person, pre-site work over the phone can be crucial for helping us accomplish the most with the story or stories when we are together

Deepen Your Message

This way of working with me is another step up in intensity and breadth of substance. I have a process I call “Depth Perception: Taking Your Message to Another Level.” It is designed as a retreat wherein two to four people and I work together over a long week-end. It includes gathering pre-site information and is followed by four months of coaching by phone. Our purpose is focused on increasing the significance of your message and is motivated partly by the increased demand made in our local and global cultures, business and personal, on content that addresses the increased sense of vulnerability in the audience.

The moment at least two people who seem to be a match agree on a date and time that I have available, it’s a go.

If you have any questions about how to work with me or to explore whether or not we’re a match, please give me a call.