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A little bit about me…

To be an expert means to have a great depth of experience, so I suppose it’s not immodest for me to admit I qualify for the description.

For thirty-one years I was fortunate enough to make a living doing what I love.

I’ve been an actor and director. I’ve taught acting, movement, voice and diction – even stage combat. I’ve been a Nashville songwriter and performer. While at Indiana University, I founded the Black Theatre Workshop (which radio and television personality Tavis Smiley recently told me is still in place). I was one of the three core teachers at the University of Washington’s prestigious Professional Actor Training Program, specializing in movement and improvisation.

Although I left academia in the Nineties, I continue to teach (and learn) what I love. Today, I assist individuals through classes and coaching, and large groups as a featured keynote and seminar speaker. I’ve received high praise for my presentations, such as Potency on the Platform: Take Your Body With You; How to Involve, Inspire and Influence Through Stories:  The Crucial Ingredient in High Stakes Communication; and, more recently, Depth Perception:  Taking Your Message to Another Level, which focuses on increasing the significance of any message and developing practical tools for improving verbal communication in today’s rapidly changing business world.

When not teaching or speaking, I like to relax by playing piano, exercising and writing poetry and lyrics.

My greatest joy comes from sharing the lessons of my experience with others and helping them succeed in achieving their goals.