Engage your audience in a meaningful way.

Whether your audience is one or a thousand, at a table or in an auditorium, we want to present our best.  Mainly we want the results of presenting our best but they won’t exist unless we earn them.

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Voice the power of your story.

You will never have a more significant connection with another person than when you show them your astonishing ability to hear, understand and value their story.

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Voice the power of your story.

Get to the heart of communication.

We are speaking into a different world today.  Our local and our global business cultures are giving us many new challenges and our clients want to see that we know that!  We must show up ready to be no place else.

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Get to the heart of communication.

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"When I want to become more persuasive or more eloquent, Max Dixon is the man whose advice I seek.  He is a brilliant, insightful communication coach!  Max brings Wisdom along with skill to speech coaching.  He can make you more effective. Contact him today!" -  Jim Cathcart, CSP, CPAE, CEO, Cathcart Institute, Inc.,  Author, Relationship Selling

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Connect with Max.

You can learn the skills necessary to make your message clear, involving and inspiring. You can learn voice skills, vocabulary and body language. You can gain the enormous strength of mastering precise metaphor and – especially – captivating storytelling. You then add more depth and timeliness to your message.

Using the tools I can teach you, you’ll comfortably speak to any size group, from a committee around a conference table to a hotel ballroom full of conventioneers, and have each individual in the audience feel certain you are speaking directly to them.

I’ve taught many who were already good public speakers to be great public speakers. (See my testimonials page for examples.)  I can do the same for you.

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